About Us



Pictured above are Co-owners of The Horn Coffee. Ahmed and Zakariya - Alumnis of Tennessee State University, along with their father, Hassan Rasul.

The Horn is a family owned and operated Somali cafe. We are well known for our Somali Chai, Coffee and most importantly, our different variations of Sambusa's. We began our journey in 2014; with a vision to bring Nashvillians together through our organically spiced Somali Chai, abundant selections of Coffee drinks using locally roasted coffee beans that we get imported from ethiopia and colombia, and our famous triangle shaped pastries -Sambusas. Chai and coffee have been a staple in Somali homes for generations and we wanted to bring back that warmth of gathering around the front porch immersed in family and friends. Since we can’t take you back home, let us bring home to you

We make a world class chai, and definitely serve the best chai in Nashville. We are famous for our authentic Sambusas, stuffed savory pastries (a.k.a. samosas in India) with different fillings. We serve traditional somali cuisine and sambusas with an American twist, hehe.




 Located on 619 Murfreesboro Pike Nashville, TN